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Positive dog training in Muncie, serving all of East Central Indiana

puppy learning confidence skills during puppy class in muncie indianaOver theRainbow Dogs specializes in pet-dog training to help you have a wonderful, well mannered family pet that is the treasure at the end of the rainbow.

All training methods used are humane and based on the positive reinforcement and negative punishment quadrants of B.F. Skinner’s operant conditioning. Your dog will be rewarded for performing correctly. If your dog performs incorrectly, the reward will be withheld. Dogs are never physically or verbally punished during training.

Over the Rainbow Dogs recommends using a clicker to train your dog. A recent study reveals that dogs learn initial behaviors about 40% faster if a clicker is used. The clicker is a communication tool used to mark the behavior you want from your dog and to let your dog know that he will be rewarded. You will learn how to pair the clicker sound with a reward, in most cases a food reward, and then use it to facilitate teaching your dog new behaviors.

Over the Rainbow Dogs wants you and your dog to have fun during the training process. Training is structured as a win-win situation so that your dog does the behaviors you want in order to get what he wants. Everyone wins! Everyone is happy!

Over the Rainbow Dogs currently holds classes at the Westview Woof Academy (Westview Animal Clinic) in Muncie, Indiana.

To sign up or get more information on classes and prices, please contact us via email (info@overtherainbowdogs.com) (or ddolak@bsu.edu) or by phone (765-288-2514) and please leave a message.


  Lollipup Kids Class (6 weeks)

The Lollipup Kids class is held in an open format which means that you do not have to wait to start training your puppy. If you have to miss a week, you can make it up later as long as your puppy does not get too old or large for puppy class. You and your puppy never have to miss a class that you paid for. The first Lollipup class is free in order to let you decide if you and your dog want to train with Over the Rainbow Dogs.  (A traditional style class may be available at times.)

Over the Rainbow Dogs also offers the American Kennel Club S.T.A.R. Puppy program so your puppy can earn a pre-Canine Good Citizen award. You and your dog must attend 6 weeks of classes to receive this award.

Other classes offered vary in length and have a definite start and end date.

Behaviors taught in the Lollipup Kids Puppy Training class include:

  • Introduction to clicker training
  • Off-Leash Socialization (when it is safe and in your puppy’s best interest)
  • Socialization to people through Pass the Puppy game
  • Bite inhibition training (learning to have a soft mouth)
  • House training
  • Crate training
  • Attention to handler
  • Replacing jumping for attention with sitting politely for attention
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Settle
  • Come
  • Introduction to loose-leash walking
  • Wait
  • Off/Leave It (Introduction)
  • Self-control exercise
  • Helping your dog be comfortable and happy during the vet exam
  • Guidance to prevent future behavior problems including resource guarding, separation issues, and other behavior problems
  • Confidence and coordination building games, some on approved K-9 equipment
  • And more!


Munchkins (dogs 5 months to 12 months) will continue, build on, and refine the Lollipup Kids class behaviors while adding the following behaviors:

  • Loose-leash walking
  • Introduction to stay
  • Greeting people and other dogs politely (several methods are taught)
  • Emergency Recall
  • Tricks


Yellow Brick Road 1 (dogs 8 months and older) is a beginning level class for older dogs and includes the following behaviors:

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Come
  • Loose-leash walking
  • Greeting people politely
  • Wait
  • Touch
  • Stay
  • Off
  • Settle
  • Go to place
  • Self-control exercises
  • Emergency Recall
  • And more!


  Emerald City 1 & 2 Class (Canine Good Citizen and AKC Community Dog) (4 weeks)  ONLY FOR DOGS THAT HAVE COMPLETED ANOTHER CLASS WITH OVER THE RAINBOW DOGS.

Over the Rainbow Dogs offers classes to prepare your dog for the American Kennel Club's Canine Good Citizen (CGC) and the AKC Community Canine (CGCA) tests.  The CGC and CGCA demonstrate that your dog responds to your requests, is well mannered, and is a safe, well socialized dog around people and other dogs.  The AKC Community Canine (CGCA) is a good step towards preparing your dog to pass the Therapy Dogs International test.


Therapy Dog Information (Over the Rainbow Dogs no longer offers testing for Therapy Dogs International.  To locate an evaluator visit the website of Therapy Dogs International at: http://www.tdi-dog.org/HowToJoinEvaluators.aspx.)


If you are a current student, and you have received log in information, you may log in to view class manuals.
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Please contact Over the Rainbow Dogs (info@overtherainbowdogs.com or 765-288-2514) for more information on classes and prices.

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