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Dog Behavior Problems - Consultations in Muncie and surrounding areas


dog learning to walk on a loose leash during obedience classesBehavior consultations are available by appointment. Over the Rainbow Dogs specializes in treating non-aggressive fearful behaviors and separation issues.  (For pricing email: info@overtherainbowdogs.com or call: 765-288-2514.)

Prior to an initial behavioral consultation, a behavioral history form is completed. Information from your completed questionnaire is then used to create a customized behavior modification plan for your dog. You may also be asked to visit your veterinarian to be certain that the behavior problem is not being caused by an underlying medical condition. At our first meeting you will be given a personalized training and management plan to begin modifying your dog’s behavior using positive training methods. In most cases customized printed materials are provided to guide you in these training methods. You will also have opportunity to practice these skills with your dog under my direct instruction.

dog learning a trick during our dog obedience class in Muncie, IndianaTechniques used to modify your dog’s behavior include desensitization, counter conditioning, response substitution, and behavior adjustment training (BAT). In desensitization, you will introduce your dog to the fearful stimulus at a level that does not evoke the fear response in your dog. You will gradually work up to the real-world situation at a pace that is comfortable for your dog. In counter conditioning you will change your dog’s perception of the stimulus from fearful to pleasant. Counter conditioning and desensitization are often used together to achieve maximum results. In response substitution, your dog will learn to substitute an acceptable response for an unacceptable response, for example, sitting for attention instead of jumping for attention. Behavior adjustment training utilizes functional rewards and can be used to help dogs overcome fearful, excitable, and reactive behaviors.

Reactive, fearful, and defensive behaviors are worked with unless the behavior has become an offensively aggressive behavior. Offensive aggressive behaviors will be referred to a qualified behaviorist. You might need a referral from your veterinarian to a clinic such as the Purdue Animal Behavior Clinic. Over the Rainbow Dogs will provide a management plan to help keep you and your dog safe while you are waiting for a referral appointment.

Over the Rainbow Dogs understands that your dog is a great dog that just happens to have a problem. It is important to understand that your dog is not engaging in the unacceptable behavior to be bad. Your dog is just doing what works to get what he wants or to keep himself safe.

Please contact Over the Rainbow Dogs for pricing and for more information on our behavioral consulting services.  Call 765-288-2514.  Please leave a message.

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